Greenland - The beautiful
Arctic Hare in our garden (Blok Ø)
Arctic blue fox
Reindeer on Black Ridge in the 1980's
Arctic Fox - my favorite snapshot..
Niviarsiaq (little girl)- The national flower of Greenland
Some people passing through Kangerlussuaq / Søndre Strømfjord / Sondrestrom believe it is nothing more than
an arctic desert. Well, they could'nt be more wrong. Tundra is a beautiful yet fragile kind of nature. "Klick" on
my photos above, and discover what's  waiting for You behind the first hill or mountain top.  -
Lars M.
Reindeer strolling along in
Ptarmigan, spring of '92
Sarfartoq - June 1996
Tusk of a Musk ox, June 1996
Sondy sunset
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Fru Sørensen
Focus: Kangerlussuaq area
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Black Ridge (at TACAN 49) in the autumn
Nature made a large portrait of